Monday, September 7, 2009


Welcome to our recipe-sharing blog! I'm so excited to gather your tried and true recipes here! Thanks for participating, and please keep the recipes coming so that we can really make good use out of this blog. When you can, please try to post at least one recipe a week to ensure that our collection gets going and keeps growing. You won't get the boot if you forget, but it will keep our blog from being a truly awesome resource if you don't. :)

When you post a recipe, please remember to use the "label" box at the bottom of your post to list main ingredients and other pertinent descriptive tags. This will help us categorize and find recipes later, especially once we get a lot. Ex: breakfast, dinner, main course, side course, chicken, eggs, healthy, dessert, low-fat . . . you get the idea. As you choose labels to add, refer to what labels have already been used and pull from them when applicable to avoid doubling up on categories (ex. "fast" and "quick"). While writing your post, in the bottom right corner of the box you'll see a section for labels, with the words "Show All" next to it. Click on the words, and it will give you a list of labels that have already been used to get you started and to avoid doubling up on categories. Feel free to create new labels as needed, though. After you finish writing your recipe and posting it, you can go into "Edit Posts", look for the "Label Actions" box right above where all the blogs are listed. By checking the box next to your recent post, and using the "label actions", you can easily choose to add or remove labels onto your blog right from that main page.

It's always nice to see a picture of what you will be making. If you have pictures, or can find pictures of your dish, that's a nice perk. If you make someone's recipe that doesn't have a picture, grab your camera and we'll add it on! Feel free to invite others to this blog. The more family-friendly recipes, the better! (PS: All recipes are welcome, as long as you like them!)

Thanks for sharing!


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

this is fun! can't wait to try everyone's recipes. I'll post more when I have time. I just wanted to do one to make sure I know how to post them. It was great talking to you today sara--I miss you!

Buffy said...

Also Sara, I love the look of the blog. It actually fits perfectly with the topic and that picture of the rolls makes me hungry every time I see it.